Prepare surroundings

Make your quit easier by getting rid of all your smoking reminders at home, work, car or any other place that you used to smoke.

A few ways to make your quit easier include:

Cleaning your house, workplace, and car
Get rid of clutter, and remove the odour of smoke to walls, carpets and furniture.
Removing ashtrays and lighters
Having all that smoking paraphernalia lying around can be a trigger, so get rid of them.
Getting your quit aids
If you're planning to use NRT or prescription medications, have them ready. Prescription meds like Champix® and Zyban® should be started two weeks before your quit date.
Stocking up
Get a supply of healthy, crunchy snacks to keep you occupied. Things like popcorn, ice chips, frozen grapes, sunflower seeds, celery and carrots are great. Get something to keep your hands busy too, like a squeeze ball or fidget cube.
Freshening up your clothes
Give your clothes a good clean, and where possible, hang them outside to get that fresh air smell. Don’t forget to dry clean your coats and suits.