Our free SMS program allows you to receive motivational messages, tips and tricks to help you reduce your nicotine addiction.

We deliver a 3-month text messaging program that sends advice directly to your cell phone to reduce your nicotine addiction for good. It was designed for those who are about to choose their quit date within the next 30 days or for those who have recently quit. Messages are scheduled for your quit date.

If you haven't chosen your date, set your status to THINKING and we'll help you figure out yours.

Embrace our support services. Get free personalized support when you need it most.

What are keywords?
Keywords are words that you can text to get extra, on-demand support when you need it.

The following is a list of available keywords which you can also get by texting KEYWORDS on your phone.

  • STOP - stops text messages
  • CHANGE - change your quit date
  • ALCOHOL - info about drinking and staying quit
  • CRAVE - info about beating cravings
  • HUNGER - info on how to quit without over-eating
  • SLIP - info about slips and relapses
  • STRESS - info about coping with stress